LEED™ Construction Waste Management

We are the "LEEDer" in construction waste recycling, offering Roll-Off Containers from 10-30 yds, as well as 100 yd trailers. Serving Connecticut and Western Massachusetts with multiple volume reduction facilities, USA Hauling & Recycling is the only call you need to make.

As the premium C & D Recycler, we conform to LEED™ requirements as specified by the U.S. Green Building Council.

USA Hauling & Recycling provides construction waste removal, disposal, and recycling services for contractors throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

USA Hauling & Recycling is experienced with LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) recycling projects and the requirements per the U.S. Green Building Council.

You can download our Contractor Credit Application if needed.

Construction Waste Management Plan:

Materials: Masonry, Wood, Metal , Cardboard/ Paper, Gypsum, Plastics
Masonry: Includes, Brick, Block, Asphalt
Wood: Scrap lumber or cut off pieces of non-stained, painted or treated wood.
Metal: Banding, stud trim, ductwork, piping, rebar, wiring, cabling or any Ferrous or Non-Ferrous metals.
Cardboard/Paper: Corrugated and non Corrugated cartons / packaging, Office paper (white or colored ) can be co-mingled.
Gypsum: cut-off pieces or scrap dunnage, must be kept Clean and Dry, must not be mixed with other Waste.
Plastics: Packing materials, Clean Hard plastic containers, Trim or Piping.
Carpet and Ceiling Tile should be recycled back through the Manufacturer

    Plan Implementation:

  • Designate a Waste Management Coordinator
  • Containers should be marked for each designated Material.
  • Containers containing mixed C&D will be processed at F&G Recycling and graded for recycle content.
  • All workers, subcontractors and suppliers should be trained on proper waste management and the goals of the Project.

Recent LEED Projects:

Contractor Job Contact % Recycled Completed
Zlotnick Construction Button Hill Sr Housing Joe Ruiz 76.97% Jul'17
Enfield Builders Asnuntuck Comm College Brandon Thibodeau 71.84% Jul'17
Old New Eng Const Stop & Shop Kelly Dileo 72.50% Jun'17
Saloomey Const The Columns Mike P'Brien 91.24% Jun'17
Gilbane Building Co Orchard Hill School Taylor Gladding 72.80% Aug'17
Lawrence Brunoli Const Northwest Comm College Peter Gavin 71.01% Nov'17
John Moriarty Assoc Pratt & Whitney Corp Offices Bobby Langer 76.36% Dec'17
Cutter Enterprises Barnes AFB Patrick Dwyer 96.45% Dec'17
Turner Construction Sacred Heart University Demetrios Petros 72.90% Jan'18
Sealaska Construction Camp Hartell Heath Barger 83.56% Jun'18
Vase Management Harding High School Vincencia Adusei 74.43% Jul'18
AAIS UConn-Gant Building Roy Albanese 91.86% Jul'18
Schimenti Construction Target Diana Quintero 71.97% Aug'18
GDS Waddell School Jack Squillicote 75.48% Sep'18
Fountain Bros Springfield Culnary Arts Frank Payeur 91.78% In Progress
O&G Industries Gunnery School Vivian Garcia-Arnold 100.00% In Progress
Dimeo Construction Yale Schwarzman Ctr Kerri Zavistoski 65.08% In Progress
Turner Construction UConn Recreation Ctr David Christoforo 73.21% In Progress


Lary Pincince
Manager, Contractor Sales

"Just wanted to let you know that the USGBC awarded the Project the Materials & Resources credit 2! Thank you so much for your excellent documentation; it made it much easier on us all!"

- Linda
John Moriarty & Associates, Inc.
"We are happy to have you on the job. You have an excellent, professional company that we prefer to work with."

- Noel
Petra Construction Corp.
"Thanks for your timely and detailed reports. It's been a pleasure working with you."
"USA Hauling & Recycling has a good recycling program and is very good with documentation. We've used them many times over the years."

- Margaret
The Associated Construction Company
"And by the way, thank you to all at USA Hauling who worked on this project. Sometimes we forget what an important part you guys play in a successful project."

- Richard
Fontaine Bros., Inc.